We find the places where you can make most difference, chart routes around roadblocks and do what it takes to achieve real, lasting change. 
We worry away at problems until we understand them and we make sure that we can measure what success looks like.  


We leverage our exceptional, global network of advisors, experts, like-minded peers and inspiring leaders to help you. Our network enables us to quickly learn, test hypotheses and find the right opportunities.


We invest in your skills as an expert, advocate, storyteller and change-maker.

We have an active and engaged community of clients and friends and we regularly curate opportunities for you to connect with each other and with the experts that you need to meet.

We believe that you are your most powerful tool to achieve change. 


We provide long-term support to the organisations you partner with. We don't hassle them unnecessarily or make them jump through silly hoops.  We enable them to learn from us and from each other, to become more organisationally robust, to take on bigger challenges and to achieve real impact at scale.


We call what we do entrepreneurial philanthropy.  And, in our experience so far, it works

I have worked with Rebecca for more than 20 years.  She has a rare combination of determination, creativity and practicality.  She can be relied on to provide good advice, make good decisions and get things done
— Peter Mimpriss C.V.O. is now and has been a trustee of 24 operating and grant-making charities