You want your philanthropy to make a real, positive difference.  

We’ve provided advice and support to hundreds of individuals, families and charitable foundations.  We’ve worked with and learned from the world’s leading philanthropists and foundations. And now we’ve parcelled up all our experience to provide top quality, ongoing support to families who want their philanthropy to truly punch above its weight.

We believe that your philanthropy can be inspiring, entrepreneurial, achievable and measurable.  We’ll do everything we can to ensure that it is.

What we do


In a nutshell: we provide strategic advice and execution for a small community of entrepreneurial philanthropists.

We can act as executive director for your philanthropy or we can provide ongoing strategic support for a small existing executive team.  We invest in our clients' skills and expertise, and we support them and their families to grow and learn.

But our day to day work with each of our clients is completely bespoke.

Let us know what you need.  We’re with you for the journey.

We’ll walk alongside you as you explore how and where you can make most difference.

We believe that it takes an entrepreneurial approach to tackle tough social and environmental problems, and we always look at philanthropy through this lens.

We're building a community of entrepreneurial philanthropists.  We invest in our clients' own learning, and we create opportunities for you to connect with each other and with the experts that you need to meet.  

We might build you a family giving plan, a learning journey that will enable you to explore big issues or the framework for a collaborative venture that will achieve more than you ever could alone.  We'll do the due diligence, we'll gather the evidence and we'll worry away at the problem until we can see what works.  

In short, we support you as you work to get results.  And we help you track what those results are.

Rebecca has been a mentor and a constant source of inspiration in my philanthropic journey from day one.  

Her extensive experience, knowledge and resourcefulness coupled with her generosity, openness and kindness have given me and our family invaluable guidance and support in forming our charitable strategy.  

The respect she enjoys from both a wide network of philanthropists and experts in her field is testament to her work and contribution to the charitable sector.  Working with her and with the Greenwood Place team is always a pleasure.
— A Greenwood Place client