Louisa Brassey

Louisa is a Co-Founder at Greenwood Place where she focuses on helping people engage easily in philanthropic giving in an entrepreneurial and impactful manner.  She works directly with clients and families to help them draw out and achieve their goals.

Louisa studied History at Princeton University and graduated in 2009. She focused on the anthropological aspects of her course, always having had an interest in people and different cultures.

After graduating she worked as a producer at CNN in their features department before moving on to work in video production, advertising and documentary filmmaking.

Louisa's passion for the way film can have an impact on people’s lives and change the way society views other cultures led her to consider a more purpose driven career in the world of philanthropy.

She has a strong interest in social businesses and believes that finding solutions to global problems through enterprise is at the core of the future of philanthropy.

She serves as Chairman of her family foundation, the Lucille Foundation.